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Name – Diane Lee

Main Sport – Professional  Triathlete

Other – Cyclocross rider / Open Water swimmer

Main Competitions – Xterra Triathlon

Coach – Gary McCaffery

Osteopath – Jo Barnett

Sponsors – Velobici / Blueseventy / Mark Anthony Cycles (Buxton), High5,  Results Fitness and Swimming

Mechanic – Damon Manning @Damo_mechanic

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2018 is Here




I guess with 2018 nearly here this is the perfect time to set goals and ambitions; there is no better time to share my plans for this coming year. After a winter off Cyclocross, it’s safe to say I have been a little lost, a little jealous of the muddy instagram pictures and wearing my wellies.  I love to race but sometimes the hardest thing about being an athlete is admitting you are just doing too much. I had a good tri seas


on in 2017 however even on my A races I knew I wasn’t at my total best, general life and work don’t always prove easy while trying to balance training like a pro and racing against the best athletes in Europe. I was literally bouncing from tri season to cross season to MTB, swimming and fell running. Recovery as we all know is essential not so much physically but also mentally, I always put a lot of pressure on myself and I am definitely my own worst critic. So taking a break from cross has allowed me to first focus more on my own work, and give that little extra to my athletes I work with, which I promised myself I would do, sharing my experiences with others is a part of my job I love the most, ev


en if this is sometimes by sarcastically motivating my grumpy teenage swimmers at 5am morning training – being a swimmer is hard work. I have also gone back to my roots a little more and spent more time swimming, my cycle training has continued but with a little less pressure to perform week in week out. I am now focusing on my running to improve my 10k times especially for the Xterra triathlons. Alongside this, dropping cross allowed me to enjoy having a little more time being “normal” and spending time with friends and family. This year the plan is to enter 2-3 Xterra Triathlons at Pro level and I am also going to look into qualifying to the ITU European and World CrossTriathlon Championships. I have just come back from Lanzarote after a hard weeks training an


d holiday, consisting mainly of swimming training and strength and conditioning work. 2018


offers not just me but all of you the opportunity to experience new things, I am a total worrier and spend a lot of time thinking about the what if’s but with a great team of people and sponsors supporting me, I’m hoping for an exciting 2018. Thanks as always to Gary and RFS for coaching me and Phoebe, Nat and Sarah for being my constant source of encouragement.


While I’m here I also want to make a big shout out for Mark Anthony Bike Shop in Buxton, they have extended the shop, and now can offer such a range of products, there really is something for everyone, please shop local and reap the benefit of proper customer care.

Cyclists Fighting Cancer

The Charity Bike Shop – Prestbury

Do you have any spare / old kit that you don’t use any more. Team HeadSet had a good old clear out and down size on our old cycling kit. We all have so much quality kit, that we never use, share the love and make a difference to Children with Cancer. You can donate anything cycling related, clothing, bikes, spare parts books and accessories, all will be received gratefully. If you have not got anything to donate, go and get shopping, there are some pretty unique items, and definitely more fun than shopping online. The bike shop is on brilliant training ground, go for a spin around Cheshire the roads are fast flat and there are plenty of posh coffee shop around there too.

Shop Location: Wilmslow Road Prestbury, Stockport, United Kingdom



Rapha Hill Climb


In very wet conditions, I ventured to the Rapha Hill Climb, put on by Manchester Wheelers. Last year the event was very busy with a very strong busy field of riders. This year the rain definitely, put people off, only 14 riders. My time was nearly one minute slower than last year, but my power up by 5w. The flume of water and rain on the roads slowed thing down, but I was very happy with my performance and gave it my all. Manchester wheels always put on great events, with plenty of cakes to follow. The prizes are always awesome and a brilliant day out.

Xterra Germany


Sometimes you surprise yourself, Germany sort of filled me with a bit of dread, it was the first Xterra gold standard race I had done, there were more pro’s than I have ever raced before, and I didn’t know what to expect on the bike course. So I pre rode the course on the official group ride, which was actually me and two French guys. However going out with those two, helped fill me with some positivity, I watched their lines, their choice of routes etc, and they kindly waited for me so I didn’t get lost. The route was up up up, 3675ft of climbing, so I kept telling myself I will be fine it’s all uphill, you’re good at uphill. However I also knew I had to come down. The descents were hard, but broken up with fire roads between. Continue reading “Xterra Germany”

Xterra Poland 2017



It’s the first time I have done a double week of Xterra so it was always going to be a new experience. First Poland followed by the oldest Xterra Gold Standard race Germany.

How to sum up Poland, I have rarely done the same events more than once, but for some reason Krakow just called me back, probably the Polish food, but also the event organisers were brilliant, helpful and friendly and they welcomed us to come back. I knew the course, I knew the swim and I knew what to expect from last year, however this didn’t really ease the nerves. I wouldn’t have made it to Poland with Gary McCaffery’s advanced driving (over 12hours on the road). Once at Krakow, I felt a bit more relaxed, I pre rode the course and nothing major had changed. Continue reading “Xterra Poland 2017”

Challenge Geraardsbergen


This race sort of shouted at me to enter, I am a sucker for a hard race and when it stated you had to ride the Muur van Geraardsbergen, a cobbled climb famous in the Tour of Flanders, I signed up. Preparations for the race, were structured and planned, I find like everyone else the training, work and resting balance of life very difficult. Turning Pro has definitely added to the pressure of getting it right, but on the whole I was feeling confident for a good race. I finished work at 7pm and headed to the Euro tunnel, however this didn’t go to plan, with a broken clutch on the van near London, we had an unexpected tow back to Derbyshire arriving back home in Derbyshire at 4.30am. Not ideal preparation but not down hearted, I rebooked the Euro tunnel and we set off again the day after. The journey to Belgium was pretty bad and not how we planned, but Saturday was a new day, we drove the bike course, looked at the swim and did the usual race prep. Continue reading “Challenge Geraardsbergen”

Single Track 7 – 1st Solo Female

34671183865_3e20ebd70e_z.jpgSingletrack 7 is a MTB enduro event, that can be done as a solo rider or in pairs. It is a 6k lap and the aim is to do as many laps in 7 hours. I entered the solo races, thinking that after all the riding in Scotland 7 hours wouldn’t be that bad. Alongside me I have Nat and Phoebe doing the female pairs race and Sarah and James doing the mixed team, so it was a great event as I had so many friendly faces supporting me. I had an excellent start and gained a good position, for the first hour, I settled into the race, got to know the course. My pacing was consistent all day with the exception of the 4 hour mark, where I dropped off a little and focused on refuelling and conserving some energy for the second half of the race. The course was suitable for everyone from elite riders to beginners, the event was held in Catton Park, beautiful surroundings, lined with bluebells in the woods and just the perfect location for a fun action packed race. I won the solo category and overall was very pleased with my performance, my riding was consistent and with it being such a long race gave me plenty of thinking time to work on my techniques and skills. Phoebe and Nat took the win in their category and Sarah and James 4th.  Singletrack 7 is a fun, social event and this atmosphere was felt on and off the course. Jo Barnet my Osteopath and Abi Waterfall of Results Fitness and Swimming gained a 3rd in the female pair. A great weekend all round. My advice to anyone looking into the long MTB enduro’s would be to plan your nutrition well. High5 have some great guides on fuelling for long events and definitely worth a read.

Cannock Chase Dirty Dozen Running Race

di n helen

Myself and Helen Thornhill entered the Cannock Chase dirty dozen, a 12km off road run with a few hidden features such as water crossing and extreme hills.  We train together regularly at swimming and more recently running. On Saturday Helen competed in the English School Fell race and she won the National title for the under 18year older, following this she came straight to a swimming competition for our local team Matlock and District where we both raced, then on the Sunday morning we were up early and out for the Dirty Dozen.

I lead most the female race for the first 8km, with Helen very close on my heels all the time. In the last few KM Helen used her fantastic fell running talents and well,…. basically left me for dead on the descents and finished really strongly  with a good 1minute lead on me. We safely secured the 1ST and 2nd position, with two strong runs by the pair of us. I was super proud of Helen’s performance this weekend and definitely a worthy winner. The events by Run and Ride are always well organised and have a great friendly family atmosphere, the prize are always great and you are granted to come home with a smile on your face, plus a little mud.  I used High5 Source for hydration pre-race and a High5 Iso-gel before the start.

North Coast 500 – Blogs and Updates

Day 6 Happy Days

Well that’s it 520 miles completed and over £3000 raised for SANDS. The experience has been brilliant and something I will not forget. Below are few things I have learnt along the way

  • Scotland is hilly lonely, but wonderful
  • 500miles is a long way
  • Your head is your most powerful tool you will ever own
  • Wearing the right kit can be the success of a ride
  • Confidence in your own ability is all you need, rely only on yourself
  • Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the view – lift your head up
  • More people than I ever realised have been touched by SANDS
  • Donations from strangers are particularly motivating
  • Your true friends are the ones that are more concerned how you are, how your saddle sore is and not your times, watts and figures.
  • Gary McCaffery’s photos are pretty goddamn special

Below are my 3 top places on the route

  • Ardheslaig
  • Durness
  • Thurso (it was a welcome back to the real world)


Set your goals and make them happen. Contact Results Fitness and Swimming for coaching that works!

That’s a wrap! Love Di

Day 5 Hell of a Wind

Day 5 consisted of a very long hard windy ride to Tain from John O Groats 90miles and definitely the hardest due to the rain and head wind. I promised myself before I came I wasn’t going to be phased by the wind. I told myself I was going to enjoy working hard against it, appreciate  the long riding I don’t get to do a home due to work, I told myself a head wind just makes you stronger. I told myself I’m not going to moan or complain once during the North Coast 500, there are other people have much more to moan about than me. Today did test me on this. Firstly I set off positively and worked hard to Wick. I was fully soaked and the rain was heavy for two hours. At 2hour 30mins the rain eased a little and I had a quick change of kit. From there I really struggled to get going again the wind was pushing me so hard I was riding my littlest gears even on the downhill. One mile seemed to be taking a lifetime the weather came back in again and I was very wet. I was just wishing I was at home on the turbo listening to Spotify not out here struggling to make any forward progress and trying not to let the wind whip my bike from underneath me. I didn’t feel too bad physically my legs were fine and I was fine it was just the relentless sound and feel of the wind. There were some serious inclines but today there was one descent I wasn’t keen on, I stopped at the top where Gary had parked the van, I said I can’t go down there, it’s just too windy, I can’t see a thing and the rain is killing my face. The A9 is the busiest road I have been on with wagons, rain, wind and sea spray, his encouraging words where ……“Well you have to, so get the hell on with it, cos I’m not keeping this van window open much longer, I,m getting wet”. Following this he drove off leaving me with the only choice I knew I had and that was to get on with it. I survived, unclipping and uncomfortable I did it, so back on the flatter section I didn’t feel so bad. It was just such a long day. Continue reading “North Coast 500 – Blogs and Updates”

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