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Name – Diane Lee

Main Sport – Professional  Triathlete

Other – Cyclocross rider / Open Water swimmer

Main Competitions – Xterra Triathlon

Coach – Gary McCaffery

Osteopath – Jo Barnett

Sponsors – Velobici / Blueseventy / Mark Anthony Cycles (Buxton), High5,  Results Fitness and Swimming

Mechanic – Damon Manning @Damo_mechanic

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Challenge Geraardsbergen


This race sort of shouted at me to enter, I am a sucker for a hard race and when it stated you had to ride the Muur van Geraardsbergen, a cobbled climb famous in the Tour of Flanders, I signed up. Preparations for the race, were structured and planned, I find like everyone else the training, work and resting balance of life very difficult. Turning Pro has definitely added to the pressure of getting it right, but on the whole I was feeling confident for a good race. I finished work at 7pm and headed to the Euro tunnel, however this didn’t go to plan, with a broken clutch on the van near London, we had an unexpected tow back to Derbyshire arriving back home in Derbyshire at 4.30am. Not ideal preparation but not down hearted, I rebooked the Euro tunnel and we set off again the day after. The journey to Belgium was pretty bad and not how we planned, but Saturday was a new day, we drove the bike course, looked at the swim and did the usual race prep. Continue reading “Challenge Geraardsbergen”

Single Track 7 – 1st Solo Female

34671183865_3e20ebd70e_z.jpgSingletrack 7 is a MTB enduro event, that can be done as a solo rider or in pairs. It is a 6k lap and the aim is to do as many laps in 7 hours. I entered the solo races, thinking that after all the riding in Scotland 7 hours wouldn’t be that bad. Alongside me I have Nat and Phoebe doing the female pairs race and Sarah and James doing the mixed team, so it was a great event as I had so many friendly faces supporting me. I had an excellent start and gained a good position, for the first hour, I settled into the race, got to know the course. My pacing was consistent all day with the exception of the 4 hour mark, where I dropped off a little and focused on refuelling and conserving some energy for the second half of the race. The course was suitable for everyone from elite riders to beginners, the event was held in Catton Park, beautiful surroundings, lined with bluebells in the woods and just the perfect location for a fun action packed race. I won the solo category and overall was very pleased with my performance, my riding was consistent and with it being such a long race gave me plenty of thinking time to work on my techniques and skills. Phoebe and Nat took the win in their category and Sarah and James 4th.  Singletrack 7 is a fun, social event and this atmosphere was felt on and off the course. Jo Barnet my Osteopath and Abi Waterfall of Results Fitness and Swimming gained a 3rd in the female pair. A great weekend all round. My advice to anyone looking into the long MTB enduro’s would be to plan your nutrition well. High5 have some great guides on fuelling for long events and definitely worth a read.

Cannock Chase Dirty Dozen Running Race

di n helen

Myself and Helen Thornhill entered the Cannock Chase dirty dozen, a 12km off road run with a few hidden features such as water crossing and extreme hills.  We train together regularly at swimming and more recently running. On Saturday Helen competed in the English School Fell race and she won the National title for the under 18year older, following this she came straight to a swimming competition for our local team Matlock and District where we both raced, then on the Sunday morning we were up early and out for the Dirty Dozen.

I lead most the female race for the first 8km, with Helen very close on my heels all the time. In the last few KM Helen used her fantastic fell running talents and well,…. basically left me for dead on the descents and finished really strongly  with a good 1minute lead on me. We safely secured the 1ST and 2nd position, with two strong runs by the pair of us. I was super proud of Helen’s performance this weekend and definitely a worthy winner. The events by Run and Ride are always well organised and have a great friendly family atmosphere, the prize are always great and you are granted to come home with a smile on your face, plus a little mud.  I used High5 Source for hydration pre-race and a High5 Iso-gel before the start.

North Coast 500 – Blogs and Updates

Day 6 Happy Days

Well that’s it 520 miles completed and over £3000 raised for SANDS. The experience has been brilliant and something I will not forget. Below are few things I have learnt along the way

  • Scotland is hilly lonely, but wonderful
  • 500miles is a long way
  • Your head is your most powerful tool you will ever own
  • Wearing the right kit can be the success of a ride
  • Confidence in your own ability is all you need, rely only on yourself
  • Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the view – lift your head up
  • More people than I ever realised have been touched by SANDS
  • Donations from strangers are particularly motivating
  • Your true friends are the ones that are more concerned how you are, how your saddle sore is and not your times, watts and figures.
  • Gary McCaffery’s photos are pretty goddamn special

Below are my 3 top places on the route

  • Ardheslaig
  • Durness
  • Thurso (it was a welcome back to the real world)


Set your goals and make them happen. Contact Results Fitness and Swimming for coaching that works!

That’s a wrap! Love Di

Day 5 Hell of a Wind

Day 5 consisted of a very long hard windy ride to Tain from John O Groats 90miles and definitely the hardest due to the rain and head wind. I promised myself before I came I wasn’t going to be phased by the wind. I told myself I was going to enjoy working hard against it, appreciate  the long riding I don’t get to do a home due to work, I told myself a head wind just makes you stronger. I told myself I’m not going to moan or complain once during the North Coast 500, there are other people have much more to moan about than me. Today did test me on this. Firstly I set off positively and worked hard to Wick. I was fully soaked and the rain was heavy for two hours. At 2hour 30mins the rain eased a little and I had a quick change of kit. From there I really struggled to get going again the wind was pushing me so hard I was riding my littlest gears even on the downhill. One mile seemed to be taking a lifetime the weather came back in again and I was very wet. I was just wishing I was at home on the turbo listening to Spotify not out here struggling to make any forward progress and trying not to let the wind whip my bike from underneath me. I didn’t feel too bad physically my legs were fine and I was fine it was just the relentless sound and feel of the wind. There were some serious inclines but today there was one descent I wasn’t keen on, I stopped at the top where Gary had parked the van, I said I can’t go down there, it’s just too windy, I can’t see a thing and the rain is killing my face. The A9 is the busiest road I have been on with wagons, rain, wind and sea spray, his encouraging words where ……“Well you have to, so get the hell on with it, cos I’m not keeping this van window open much longer, I,m getting wet”. Following this he drove off leaving me with the only choice I knew I had and that was to get on with it. I survived, unclipping and uncomfortable I did it, so back on the flatter section I didn’t feel so bad. It was just such a long day. Continue reading “North Coast 500 – Blogs and Updates”

Product Review -Vione

Velobici vioneVione Jacke
None likes to wear coats if we are honest, but this Jacket is something else, the Vione jacket, virtually feels like a jersey with the protection of a jacket. The material is 93% Cordura® and 7% elastane, making it feel soft and flexible. There is no flapping around in the wind or noise from the coat, its fitted perfectly with enough room to cover anything in the back pockets of your jersey. The great thing about this is it is great in all conditions, it’s light weight so on cooler cold mornings you can wear it then, roll it up in your back pocket when the sun comes out. It’s also great in damp conditions and fog, the red is strikingly bright and no moisture gets through the technical fabric. Continue reading “Product Review -Vione”

Buying a Wetsuit -Advice

Buying a wetsuit is certainly an investment, wetsuits come with a high price tag, here are a few tips to help you when considering a wetsuit.

1st – Make sure you are going to enjoy open water, borrow and hire a suit. You need to have a decent standard before entering open water. I want to highlight that open water is dangerous and you do need to know what you are doing. Respect the water.

2nd – Consider your natural body position in the water, differences in buoyancy in the legs does matter. For example I am a swimmer and I do kick therefore I don’t feel I need significantly high buoyancy its great having buoyancy in the legs so I don’t have to work too hard but I also don’t need  extra thick wetsuit legs to help me like some people. Males tend to need more buoyancy and people with a weak kick and low body fat percentage.

3rd – The fit when buying needs to be significantly tight, wetsuits will stretch as they  are used and become more comfortable.

4th – Getting in the wetsuit correctly will allow you assess the fit properly. Ask for help there is nothing worse than trying one on in a hot tiny shop cubical. Go to the expo days where you can actually get professional advice.

5th Make sure you have a good seal on the skin, neck, waist, ankles. You do not want water filling the whole wetsuit as you swim. It should be like a second skin. The neck needs to feel tight but comfortable. You need to be able to access the zip comfortably, zips that open from bottom to top are faster. Continue reading “Buying a Wetsuit -Advice”

Cannock Chase Win

RunRide Cannock Chase- The first MTB ride of the season proved to be successful, sealing my first win of the season. The conditions were mud and wet, just how I like them. The course was very busy at first so I just made my way through the crowd steadily putting in some strong run efforts on the tricky section that were just too congested to ride. The race went really well and I held the lead by the first lap. I was pleased with my performance overall and it was great practice for my up and coming Xterra season. It felt great to be wearing the Velobici Van Guilder Thermal Jerseycannock on the MTB perfect for the chilly conditions. Top weekend all round Continue reading “Cannock Chase Win”

Who Inspires Me

I am not really a person that looks up to famous people. Generally it’s my friends and family that inspire me on a day to day basis. So thinking of one person was tricky, but I think telling you a little about Helen Thornhill might inspire you and dem
demonstrate how you can inspire others.

I first met Helen when she was 9 years old a13696632_232299950497106_1197553179_nt the local swimming club where I was coaching; her mum delivered her on the poolside saying she is a good swimmer but does not want to be involved in racing and competitions.

Helen was pretty shy but always got on with training and worked hard. She was clearly a very talented swimmer. Cutting a long story short, over the next 5 years we worked together, with a firm but encouraging coaching style she began racing, reaching high levels of competition. She was selected for talent development teams and even began to enjoy racing. From there she started helping with coaching and leading the younger swimmers. She has proved to be an amazing teacher and passes her experience on to others. Helen Thornhill is now still my swimmer as I still coach her on a regular basis, but she has now proved to be one of my best training partners and a close friend. She has an inner drive for hard work. Continue reading “Who Inspires Me”

Fueling for Xterra – High5

Goihigh5-logong to the 2017 season, I will be supported by High5 and it has really got me thinking about how to correctly use their products in relation to gaining optimal performance. Most of my Xterra races will be done in warm to hot conditions so hydration is essential. Drinking on the mountain bike is very easily neglected, as on a technical course you’re focused on the bike handling, however on the fire roads and simpler sections you must remember to hydrate. The other option is to use a camel back to make drinking more accessable.

Below is my nutritional plan for my Major Xterra races.

The week before I will be ensuring I have a healthy full balanced diet. During training sessions and race prep I will be using the High5 products as normal. Zero’s are a great addition to everyday hydration.

Race morning

I will have a normal breakfast to ensure I’m fuelled, I try to eat a normal amount. Sometimes I’m too nervous to eat properly but with practice you realise you have to eat it’s all part of the preparation phase. Don’t over eat otherwise you will feel bloated during the race.

  • Bowl of Porridge Honey – fruit
  • Couple of slices of toast and jam
  • Cup of tea

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